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by frederic on October 12, 2011

• Thank you to everyone who took up our plea and voted for Rumdood in the Tommy Bahama Rumologist contest. Hopefully, we’ll hear the good news in the next few days!
• Stevi Deter of Two at the Most gives a great preview of Portland Cocktail Week which is coming up in a little over a week! Between the parties, contests, and the like, it sure does sound like a great time.
• Erik Ellestad continues his stomp through the Savoy Cocktail Book by leaving behind the Coolers and entering the land of the Rickey! Erik covers the controversy behind the Rickey and discusses a variation, the Savoy Hotel Rickey. His wine of the week feature is Gypsy Boots that includes a bit of food porn pics.
• Matt Rowley of the Whiskey Forge selects a recipe out of Nigel Slater’s Appetite: So What Do You Want to Eat Today? and makes a smooth and creamy pâté.
• Gumbo Pages’ Chuck Taggart reflects on the passing of Steve Jobs.
• Dr. Bamboo claims he only reads Playboy for the recipes! He gives a great overview of two of Playboy’s drink books that were their version of Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts. Indeed, Playboy’s Host & Bar Book proudly resides on my shelf too!
• In With Bacchus’ Scott Spolverino receives a sample bottle of a rare whisky, Glenlivet Faemussach, from a well-connected friend. With descriptors like “orange marmalade” and “creamsicle,” I’m a tad envious to say the least.
• Fred Yarm of Cocktail Virgin relates two spicy recipes that he had out: the chili-infused tequila, Cynar, pineapple, and ginger beer Alucarda and the Spanish brandy- and mezcal-laden Conquistador that includes a few drops of chili pepper extract. He also describes his retro-crafting a lost recipe for the Fernet Pina Colada and shares the recipe for Craigie on Main’s water melon shrub drink, the Merchant’s Wife.
• The ever busy Camper English of Alcademics provides details about his trip to learn about Purity Vodka in Sweden and his trip to Puerto Rico to taste Don Q Rum,view their 77 year old column still, and learn about their green initiative program. Speaking of rum, Camper describes the ramifications of Captain Morgan moving its operation to a different island. Finally, Camper gives a book review of Christine Sismondo’s America Walks into a Bar. Having just finished this a week ago, it is definitely a great read from a history, sociology, and drinking standpoint.
• A Mountain of Crushed Ice’s Tiare reviews some of the new Fair Trade liquors including coffee and goji liqueurs and quinoa vodka. With these spirits, Tiare shares 4 recipes including the rum, coffee, and pineapple Moua-Roa!
• Michael Dietsch of A Dash of Bitters continues his “Five Essential Cocktails” series on Serious Eats by tackling Bourbon cocktails. Reading that post makes me want to go out to my home garden and harvest some mint for a Julep before the cold weather wipes out my crop!

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